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Monday, September 26, 2005

Eagles Extra/Message Board

Hey, every Monday during the football season tune in to Eagles Extra Radio with Jim Williams. Good show listen. Eagles Extra Radio is our fastest growing weekly radio show.

Also we need you all to talk and post on our message board here is the link

Tom Sofield
Program Director/DJ

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Best week ever/Support

This week has been the best ever for Buzz Rock we have launched more streams than ever before. We have grown in listening hours no up to 391 (9 away from 400). I would like to thank Bodykast for doing a live concert on-air on Friday. Also I would like to thank Jim Williams for getting tons of listeners with Eagles Extra which is on every night after an Eagles game and Mondays at 8pm.
We just added the graphic click on it an you can donate money to help Buzz Rock Radio get more music and improve the station. If you have problems donating e-mail us at So please donate some money to Buzz Rock Radio.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Rock for Relief: 2

Tommorow at about this time I will be going on-air with Nate. we already have some live concerts tracks from some of our cool bands. remember to listen at 6pm tommorow, then at 8pm Eagles Extra with Jim Williams premiers.

Tom Sofield
Program Director/DJ

Monday, September 05, 2005

Philadelphia Eagles Extra Comes to Buzz Rock Friday Night!

3 years ago, long before Buzz Rock Radio was even conceived...I hosted a little show called "Philadelphia Eagles Extra". Originally a solo hosted show, it grew to become a popular program on many servers. After taking last season off due to tech issues, Buzz Rock Radio has graciously allowed us to bring back Eagles Extra this Friday night at 8 PM ET. Think of it in the same fashion as how 94 WYSP is a rock station with Eagles game coverage. And, we will play some music during the show, so it's gonna be a nice blend of rock and sports talk. Here's an idea of what the show will be about: We'll air regularly on Monday nights from 8-9 PM ET (thus bumping the 6-9 show to being the 6-8 show on Monday nights). And we'll talk Eagles and NFL football for an hour. We? Well, I've enlisted my good pals Rob O' Connor and Eric Butler to help co-host the show with me to engage in debate and spirited talk. Regular features of the show will include a preview of Monday night's football game, NFL News and Notes, a look at the NFL scoreboard, and so much more. And, we want you to be apart of the show too. Here's simply drop us an e-mail at or if you have Yahoo Instant Messenger you can drop us an IM or if you have a microphone, actually be invited in to chat with us live on the air. Out first week on the air will be huge seeing as how the Eagles play Monday night. So here's a tentative schedule.

FRIDAY 7/9 - 8:00PM - Preview Show featuring a look at the preseason and the season, predictions, and more.

MONDAY 9/12 - 8:00 PM - Monday Night Preview Show plus NFL News and Recap

LATE MONDAY/EARLY TUESDAY - 12 MIDNIGHT or WHENVER THE GAME ENDS - Post Game Recap, News, Analysis, Press Conferences & More.

When we first started this venture, we gained an incredible fan base from various cities around the country and the world. We're looking to add onto it in 2005, and you can help us do it. Talk to you Friday night on your home for Eagles talk on the 'net, Buzz Rock Radio Philadelphia.

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Radio for Relief: 1

Hey, everyday on our TV monitors we see pictures of distruction and devistation is the New Orleans area. Buzz Rock and other LIVE 365 broadcasters are doing something about it. I am organising a broadcast where stations from diffrent genres get together to broadcast a message to there listeners donate to help the victims of Katrina. The show will start on Buzz Rock at 6pm on Friday. On rock station we will be calling it Rock for Relief but on other stations it will be called Radio for Relief so stay with Buzz Rock for more...

Tom Sofield
Program Director/DJ