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Thursday, August 25, 2005

Adding more music...

Hey, our playlist is now over 14 1/2 hours long! So listen see if you notice an impovement. E-mail us request at
Holloween is coming up fast, and we are working to get some cool holloween give aways. So stay tuned to Buzz Rock.
Have to go cya!

Tom Sofield
Program Director/DJ

Monday, August 22, 2005

Change the Pa state song.

Today when UPS showed up i knew it was some CDS from record lables. So i opened it up and it was 2 new songs from the Bloodhound Gang (get there new CD on September 13th). When i opened the box a post card was in there it says that a famous Pennsylvainan wants to change the Pa state song to the Bloodhound Gangs new singal Pennsylvania. They gave the site to sign a pettition at The man behind this is local resident Bam Margera. So sign the pettition today and listen to Buzz Rock!

Tom Sofield
Program Director/DJ

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Go to the Seether Concert.

If you read this blog you know that i love Seether, Crossfade and Halestorm. All three bands are going to be playing in the area again. They are playing at the Electric Factory in Philly. A few Sundays ago I saw them at Musikfest in Bethelhem and they were great. They are and played with some other acts like Crossfade, Dark New Day, and Halestorm. Below you can by tickets for the show next Sunday at 8pm.

Tom Sofield
Program Director/DJ

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Working on new promotions!

Hey, it Tom here. Its almost 9, i am really tired. But i am staying up for 2 reasons, 1 - Eagles football, 2 - Working on Buzz Rock. Right now I am working on new promotional idea for Buzz Rock. We are working on getting our promotional department up and running again. This week we are going to print up some Eagles signs with the Buzz Rock Radio logo on them.
I would like to wish our DJ Jim Williams a Happy Birthday! He is 21 today!
By Monday we will have our whole Fall line up ready, we just finished making up our new ad panflit. So hopefully that will get some more advertisers.
Tommorow we will post our plans for Classic Rock Thursday. Some new updating!

Tom Sofield
Program Director/DJ

Thursday, August 18, 2005

28 hours on the air

Hey, me and Nate have spent the past 7 days on air from 4pm-8pm. Which is 28 hours on-air. What were we thinking when we signed up for this. Tune in got more details.

Tom Sofield
Program Director/DJ

7 days

Sunday, August 14, 2005

On-air now/CD

Hey, right now i am on-air, so tune in! Look for an announcement later this week about our mission. We are goning to expand Classic Rock Thursday and add more of a foucus on indie bands.
Talking about indie rock. We are working with some indie bands to have them on a CD we are working on. It would probly be about $2-3 bucks but all that would go to the cost of the CD and indie rock. Look for info on that to.

Tom Sofield
Program Director/DJ

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

7 Days, 56 Hours

Hey, This is Tom! This Thursday thru next Thursday me and Nate are going to do a live broadcast every night from 4pm - 8 pm EDT. Then after Alex M will take over duties as DJ. This exclusive event will be broadcast on only 2 station and RADIO LIVE X. So tune in!

Tom Sofield
Promgram Director/DJ

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Major changes coming soon...

Trust me this is not bad news this is really good news! We are flipping formats to RAP AND R&B. (!!NO JUST KIDDING!!) We are going to be adding more new rock to the playlist. Also we are adding more classic rock programing. This september classic rock thrusday is getting better than ever! Also we have a new show called Classic Rock Classic's thats on Saturday nights at 8pm.

Just a shoutout to Lava Records for sending us nine cds of new rock.

Tom Sofield
Program Director/DJ

Monday, August 08, 2005

Seether/Crossfade w/ Halestorm and Dark New Day

Hey, the Seether/Crossfade concert was fricken great! Seether was the best. I always have love seether. Also the band halestorm was really good. there is a link to them on my myspace which is so add as your friend! I would just like to thank Mark Demkus and Jon from musikfrest for hooking me up with the front row VIP tixs.

Tom Sofield
Promgram Director/DJ

Friday, August 05, 2005

MusikFest (Seether/Crossfade concert)

Hey guys. Just found out I am going to the Seether/Crossfade Concert! It looks like a great concert love both bands! So if you want to go you can go to and buy them today the show is Sunday at 6:30. MusikFest is always so cool. They also have a ton of free shows. I like to go up there and walk around.

Tom Sofield
Program Director/DJ

Thursday, August 04, 2005


Hey! Can't wait to go to MusikFest ( up in Bethlehem. We I might be going to the Seether/Crossfade Concert. They have over 300 artist. It is going to be so cool, i stop in every year it is really cool! Buzz Rock will be putting up flyers.

Also we have started a contest where you can win your own radio show. We are going to be changing the rules it will now be anything you desire. Here are the rules:
Have you ever want to be on the radio? Then this is the contest for you! You can host a internet radio that has a wide variety of indie rock artist and songs. Here are the steps to enter the contest.
- Write 2-5 sentences about yourself
- Please make and provide a 1 minute air check (a preview of the show, please don't add music)
- E-mail us a photo of yourself
(Remember that may post or air everything you e-mail us.)
- Must have a microphone
- Can't be afraid to talk on internet radio
!!Remember this is a volunteer position!!

To enter e-mail us at

Tom Sofield
Program Director/DJ